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ok so we all know what happen on September 11/2001 right? well of course ya know well this page is for all those who die that painful day well im not good at saying touching stuff ok so i'll write what other people wrote about what happen and what they though ok



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New Page Title

In memory of all those who perished this morning; the passengers and the
>pilots on the United Air and AA flights, the workers in the World Trade Center
>and the Pentagon, and all the innocent bystanders. Our prayers go out to the
>friends and families of the deceased. Send this to at least 10 people to show
>your support. DONT BREAK IT!!!!!!


Let the bodies hit the floor
Let the bodies hit the floor
Let the bodies hit the floor
Let the bodies hit the floor
Beaten why for
Can't take much more
One - Nothing wrong with me
Two - Nothing wrong with me
Three - Nothing wrong with me
Four - Nothing wrong with me
One - Something's got to give
Two - Something's got to give
Three - Something's got to give
Let the bodies hit the floor
Push me again
This is the end
Skin against skin blood and bone
You're all by yourself but you're not alone
You wanted in now you're here
Driven by hate consumed by fear
Let the bodies hit the floor

This is my testimony...My feelings on what might become remembered as the blackest day in world history. The only part about this that is for me is that I want the entire world to see my words, and know what I have to say.

Tuesday, september 11th, 2001...a day that, in my opinion should be erased; it was a changing point for us-not just america, but the entire world. It will never be the same; it won't even pretend to be. and I only have one question, which may never be answered:


What message was so important that you had to do this to those thousands of people, and hurt the entire world? Why did you give up your lives, and thousands with you to say it? Was there even a message to begin with? Or did you decide that you were going to sacrafice your own lives as well as the thousands of others who died just to see what we would do?

When the incident happened, I didn't want to believe that it was real; I felt the anger swell up inside me like a balloon, and I shut off the TV before I threw my remote through it. Then I went to college, and I went to class. Everyone was solemn as ghosts, and we didn't do any work, we just talked about how we felt. Those who were too angry or upset to speak wrote their thoughts in a journal.

I went to the student longue/lobby/meeting area, whatever your college calls it, and they were all watching it on the big screen tv in there for students who don't have TV's or radios for news or to watch while relaxing. Everyone was gathered in front of it, just staring. A few people, including Christi, were crying. Some who had family in new york city were in the corner, screaming at anyone who tried consoling them to not touch them. Some alumni who already had children(teen mothers) had their kids with them. The kids were almost traumatized. Some saw their mothers cying or about to, and began crying themselves.

I don't like thinking about that day; I don't want to remember that day. Even though I am screaming with enough rage inside that if I let it loose, I would not be able to control what I did. But I know that if I let myself show the anger, the pain, the fear or the sadness, then they have broken me-and won. They did this to try making america scared, and as a country we are. but as individuals, we must realize that these people, as real a threat as they are, are just cowards out to make people scared. This Osama ben Ladin, or whatever(I don't give him the respect of remembering his name, save I need to remember what grave to piss on after he's dead as soon as we get our hands on him) is like a real life boogey man-he lives on fear. Deny him that, and when we fight him, him and his cowardly troops shall tuck tail and run. He will see that we are not afriad of him...at least not anymore.

Do not sign this like a chain letter, but send it to everyone in your adress book, type in people who aren't, send it to everyone in your email network if you have that option. I called this Email "Why?" I still want to know that. But I want the world to know that we are not afraid of them. I sent this saying flat out that we won't live in fear, or be intimidated by them. This is my message; and I said it in words with no grey area. And no one got hurt by me saying this.

God bless America. My hopes, dreams and prayers go out to everyone who was affected. God bless you all, and My his grace light your darkest hours to come.

Make a difference, help support the relief efforts in the U.S

September 11, 2001, a date marked by a scar on our nation.
A day, no survivors will forget to mention.
A mark, left by those who shown no compassion.
Let us pray for those who had lost their lives through this tragic incident.

But let us also pray for those who are well and living.
We cannot change the sorrowful past, so as an alternative let us worry and pray about the future.
We must pray for the Presidents resolution.
We must also pray for those who are non-Christian.
But the most important thing is making your Ultimate Decision.
What is the purpose of crying for the dead?
They are no longer live to hear you mourn.
Instead, ask yourself this questionK

Where would I be if I were in the planes?
The only thing they found was my remains,
After lifting pieces of buildings with cranes.
Make the decision while your alive.
Get righteous with God while you can.
Dont wait; you might not be here tomorrow.
September 11, 2001, a date marked by a tragic warning.
A day, all survivors will be choosing
A mark in eternity, dieing or living.

Pass this on to everyone you care about.
Even to those that gives you a pout.
They'll know you care without a doubt!